Real estate law
drafting, representation by land registry process

sale contracts, endowments, lease, legal advice on real estate taxes, landtaxes, land sale, land lease agreement on the use of joint property, multi-family house cases, alteration on the deed of foundation, notarial supervision, appeal against bord decision, clearing the ownership of properties
Company law, civil society organisations
legal advice, drafting, company registartion proceedings, litigation for companies, foundations and associations

Foundation, company registration proceedings for Ltd., private limited-liablity companies, Inc. and general partnerships, transformation, merger, demerger, winding-up proceedings, liquidation-proceedings, appeal against board decisions, supervision
Contract law
works contracts, construction contracts, operation contracts, software service contracts, license agreements, cession of intellectual properties, loan, mortgage, agreement of cession, assignment of agreements, assignment, advisory contract, shipping contracts
legal advice, out of court negotiation, mediation, litigation, arbitration

damage claims, contract breach claims, insurance claims (indemnity insurance, comprehensive insurance and healthcare insurance claims), medical malpractice cases, lack of conformity (warranty and guarantee cases), possesion aquisition, inheritance proceeding, foreign currency loan claims
Bilingual legal work/ austrian and german cases
legal advice, out of court negotiation, invocation, judicial payment summon

legal advice on employment contracts, alteration, termination of employment contracts, settlement, damage claims, legal help in administrative law cases, help in bank administration matters, legal advice on social security matters (child and family allowance, pension, sick benefit), administrative offence cases, appeal against fines, general legal advice on english and german contracts, drafting of bilingual sale and lease contracts in english and german
Assertion of claims
out of court negotiation, negotiation agreements, invocation, notarial payment summon prozess, execution, approval process of foreign decisions, execution of foreign decisions insolvency and bankruptcy processes
Labour law
legal advice, invocation,out of court negotiation, litigation

drafting of employment contracts, alterations, legal advice on employment contract, termination, termination agreement, settlement claims, damage claims, claim against wrongful termination
Social securty law
legal advice, invocation,out of court negotiation, litigation

sick benefit, child and familiy allowance, rehabilitation allowance, pension
Administration law
legal advice, legal actions, appeal, litigation

construciton proceedings, approval of MNB (hungarian national bank), legal summary proceedings by MNB, pharmaceutical law, official certificates, official approvals, consumer protection matters
Inheritance law
legal advice, drafting, legal actions, litigation

will, succesion, inheritance claims
Additional services
map copy, property deed, trade register excerpt, e– annual report, monitoring of legal rules, legal advice on legal rules modification

About me

My name is Kinga Orsolya Dóczy, I am a lawyer, and the founding member of the Dóczy & Czifra Law Office.

I graduated in 2013 at Eötvös Lóránd Tudományegyetem, Faculty of Law. I speak fluent German and English. I graduated from a bilingual high school where I took my exams in German and in Hungarian. As part of the Erasmus program I studied for one semester in Germany, attending classes of company law, civil law and international law in both German and English. I provide general legal services regarding real estate and corporate law, damage claims, as well as pharmaceutical law and labour law. I draft bilingual sale contracts, as well as legal documents for the registration and alteration prozess of companies. I also provide legal advice in matters of Austrian and German labour law and insurance cases. In Austria and Germany I take on transboarder claims, including out of court negotiations and representation by court payment summons. I also lead Austrian administrative offence cases. I have extensive experience and reliable legal action skills regarding all these areas. As a new challenge I took part in a one year long international document review project, where I reviewed German and English documents according to corporate law, administration law, damage claim and consumer law aspects. The fact, that I had the opportunity to strengthen my legal German and English was just a bonus. I spent my junior lawyer years at a law office specialised in widespread civil law matters, as well as in company law, labour law, and administrative law. Already as a junior lawyer I had my own cases, which meant that I was responsible for giving legal advice, supporting out of court negotiations, and providing legal representation in litigations up to the constitutional court and the Curia proceedings. Therefore I provide complete legal service. I'm experienced in both the general legal works regarding real estate and company law tasks, damage claims, and also in administration law, especially in pharmaceutical law and labour law cases. Regarding the above mentioned I have reliable skills in legal actions. Between 20. December 2017 and 20. October 2021 I worked as a freelancer. Together with my college, Dr. Czifra Sándor Péter, who spezialises in criminal law cases, we established the Dóczy & Czifra Law Office on 20. October 2021. As a lawyer I provide end-to-end solutions and a strategic, long-term view. I guarantee effective, progressive and energetic legal work. Kinga Orsolya Dóczy Attorney at law

Legal advices

Dr. Dóczy Kinga
Dr. Dóczy Kinga



The fee of the power of attorney is part of a negotiation. By the price range the difficulty of the case regarding the legal fields and the necessary judicial or non judicial proceedings are taken into consideration. You can ask for a priceoffer by phone or on a Contactform by giving a quick summary of the case.


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